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Radio Coalition is not an organization for all webcasters. We don't intend to represent the interests of Spotify, YouTube, Pandora, Apple or iHeart. Our goal is to keep independent and diverse internet radio stations alive while also protecting the rights of independent artists. Our target audience size of a member’s single online radio station has a monthly listenership of over 2,000 ATH and not more than 159,000 ATH.

Radio Coalition seeks to provide that voice and also to provide services to help smaller webcasters who have the best interests of both the webcasting and artist communities in mind navigate the legal landscape of music licensing and enjoy the best possible technology, without the accompanying financial costs that have crippled or outright eliminated many of our brethren.

We specifically believe that Radio Coalition members deserve rates that represent our commitment to furthering the ideals of our community and our audiences, one that takes in our investment and our full benefits to our content providers and one that takes in the realistic expectations of our market size. As a group of webcasters dedicated to advancement of our industry and education of the public, the Soundexchange noncommercial license is the best fit for our organization and our members who operate stations as part of our community. Initially, Radio Coalition will work to assist webcasters with compliance within this license category. We'll also work with the Performance Rights Organizations to secure similar rate considerations from ASCAP, BMI and SESAC , that are suitable for this previously underrepresented segment of music users, moving toward a common goal of preserving a diverse webcasting community that is open to everyone, large and small, and highlights independent artists.

If you are that unique webcaster that wants to be a voice for our community while also enjoying royalty compliane, performance tabulation, and, potentially, hosting and streaming services, then Radio Coalition can assist you to get your dream station up and streaming. As a member of Radio Coalition you will:

- Be part of a community of webcasters that are working toward a change that benefits both artists with fair compensation and webcasters with realistic rates;

- Have access to our partner services that provide us with the platform and performance data necessary for compliant royalty reporting at a reasonable cost which allows you to sustain and grow your station, thus benefitting the artists you play;

Become royalty compliant under our Sound Exchange non commercial license; and

- Become royalty compliant with ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC under our negotiated rates. Radio Coalition has a strong member base and fully expects to participate in the next CRB Rate Proceeding to set sound recording rates for 2021-2025, which i scheduled to begin in 2019. With our members’ assistance, we will document our investment and benefits to content owners and audiences alike. Licensing and more. We're here to see your voice is heard! Join Radio Coalition and help create a successful future for internet radio

Membership Fees

Radio Coalition’s current annual Webcaster Membership Fees are paid on a calendar year basis. Rates are based on the number of channels Webcaster programs on the Radio Coalition network.

1-5 $150

6-15 $250

16-30 $500


50+ $750 *custom*


Education & Training

A major component of the organization’s purpose is providing educational and training opportunities for the independent webcast community through workshops, presentations, and online resources. Subject matter includes the licensing and use of copyrighted content, webcasting best practices, equipment selection, programming concepts and resources, station promotion, audience marketing and monetization components to sustain operations.


The Coalition will bring together the independent webcast community to share experiences, skills and resources through a combination of online tools, meetups and events in communities and trade shows throughout the country.

Strategic Alliances

The Coalition’ Board and members will engage with key industry players and organizations to secure rights to content and to foster the development of tools and services to enhance the independent webcast community’s ability to provide its unique and diverse content offerings available to the public.


The Coalition will conduct market studies and surveys to provide content owners, equipment manufacturers, software developers and legislative bodies information on the needs and activities of the independent webcaster market. This information will be distributed through combination of white papers, reports and presentations.

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